Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Addictive youtube statistics

After a while, youtube changes your daily routines.

First thing you do in the morning is to look at your views. Then, you can't wait until the insight information has been updated.

You get so sensitive about that, you notice every change of the pace. This morning, I immediately noticed the counts have jumped, so I knew one of my videos must have been featured somewhere else.

Found it: had the coconut one, here:

I liked the comment that suggested better names for my "W" slingshot.

"The FEMA greeter"
"The Equalizer"
"The Porker ender"
"The Traitor cracker"
"Sheister meister"
"The Politician Skull drainer"
"Balls for Bankers"
"Banker Bash"

The Politician Skull drainer clearly is my favourite!


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