Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The mission: The strongest one-man-handled slingshot

In one of the forums, the question came up if 120 Joules is achievable with a slingshot.

I do not think a hand held slingshot can do that. Especially not in countries like my otherwise beloved Germany, where wrist braces are illegal. The maximum energy I ever achieved was 78 Joules, and that is only possible on a warm, humid day with some luck.

Reliably, 65 Joules are possible for me, but that is far away from 120 Joules.

So the idea is to build a foot operated slingshot. Me lying down with the feet against the "fork", and pulling the pouch with my trusted self made release, held in both hands.

I plan to use two stretches of Thera Band Gold per side, tapering from 14 cm to 7 cm. That will average one full Thera Band gold. At 550%, this would be 80 pounds per side, 160 lbs total draw force.

I got these values from extrapolation of this table:


I know I can do that from the gym rowing machine, where I pull 135 kg (that is all they have).

We will see!

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    It is my birthday today ( 13/12/09 ). I thought my German was better, but I am not sure how to register for your blog
    the chance for one of your free slingshots !

    I am in St. Cloud MN, USA . I am curious about where you live. I have not seen much of your website yet, nor your blog, because I just found your site ( from a referral to your ebay videos - well done too ).

    I will keep looking - and learning.
    You do have alot of information, and it all looks very good.

    Your videos are very well made - and your slingshots look to be made EVEN BETTER !