Sunday, February 7, 2010

Whisker biscuit slingshot (slingbow)


my whisker buscuit (spare part) arrived a few days ago.

My idea was to build a slingshot around it. I wanted to make it as flat as possible. So I put the biscuit in the middle of the fork. I used the matchstick method (but Thera Tube Green rather than the matchstick) in order to make it backpack friendly.

Problem was that the biscuit broke apart. The arrow was launched 100%, but the pouch and rubber had enough force to break the biscuit at its weakest point.

So I had to weld metal enforcements to the frame, which worked really well in the end. You can see those enforcements on the two pics of the "receiving end".

The triple Thera Gold is very effective, in combination with the arrow gripping pouch.

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