Monday, April 4, 2011


... it happens: While you are making a new slingshot, at some point in the process you realize you hit GOLD.

You finish the frame like in a fever dream, as you can not wait to see it buffed up and finished.

This happened today: My new one came out beautiful.

Alumimum core, sawed out of a massive 6mm board, and Thuja wood.

It is beautiful. Smooth. Feels great in the hand.

Of course it is a variation of the Hand Howitzer, minus the "teeth" (that I don't need as I only shoot hammer style).

I think the spike (just blunt enough to not nick the rubber) is a very nice detail. The aluminum allows me to go fairly thin without risking breakage.

This is ALMOST to gorgeous to be shot!

Hope you like it.


  1. Go to, it's incredible!!! It changed my total outlook on life and I promise it can change yours. FwD and keep this movement alive!!! #writers tower!!!!!! :D
    -Official Poetry-

    P.S big fan of your slingshots, remarkable work

  2. That is a truly magnificent piece of craftsmanship Joerg! Very very nice well done! :) Sling Jim

  3. Have just discovered your work. It's beautiful.