Thursday, June 23, 2011

Medieval Style Crossbow: Assault rifle scope added

I wanted to add a sighting system to the medieval style crossbow, which right now is my favorite plinker.

Not so easy, the rubber swings forward and does not allow the medieval "fork" sights at the front of the weapon. Everything has to be behind the lock.

I bought a few Hensoldt scopes, made for the German Army standard isse H+K G36 assault rifle. Surplus, fine condition, 5 Euros a pop. These are made to be installed INSIDE of the plastic G36 stock, so there is no adjustment of any kind. But just the right factor (3x) and nice crosshairs.

I made a mount system from wood, nothing that a medieval weaponmaker couldn't have done (minus the modern screws).

It is amazing how accurate this is, and how easy the cocking is. I am plinking with TB black, a preteen boy can draw this out with both hands and a foot in the stirrup.

These inexpensive scopes are ideal for slingshot crossbows. A lot of fun!



  1. Nicely done! Are you still using those speargun rubber bands on that beast of a crossbow? :)

  2. I do, but not for plinking. It tires you out in no time...

    1. Hi Jorg, I'm italian, and I would a info by you :)

      Could I know where da you have bought the Hensoldt scope? I need to have one of it... could you give me the seller's email or internet site?



    2. Found them on ebay Germany. Several suppliers.

  3. Did you buy these on eBay? Can't seem to find them, cheapest hensoldt is $200.

  4. awesome stuff, if only had the time too make one

  5. Amazing talent and incredible workmanship. You are a master.

  6. It's striking how beautiful this crossbow is. Very nice design and wood grain. Speargun rubber is he cherry on the cake.

  7. Ultimate guide. Increasing the efficiency of the crossbow. Good job.

  8. Amazing! You used a handmade scope on the crossbow! I've to say, it's a sign of creativity. Thanks for sharing.