Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Semi Starship

Shooting the monster world record slingshot in Greenville got me thinking.

One of the major advantages of a starship is that you get no handslaps. Not even if you shoot very lightweight ammo with very strong bands. Which you must, if you want to break records.

Another advantage is that your hand is well protected, at least if you use my "board" design. No RTF shot, no ball-dropped-out-of-the-pouch shot can hurt you.

Due to legal reasons, I had to leave the record slingshot at Nathan's place. But yesterday, I slapped together a few pieces of leftover wood (mostly a pine board) and created a "Semi Starship".

The very comfortable handle is complemented by a hand rest (legal in Germany, as it does not touch the arm) and the fork piece is looong. The top and front of the hand is completely protected. The hand rest allows a slight (9cm) draw length extension. Not quite as much as a full starship, but it is a lot more compact.

Normally I don't trust pine boardcuts, but this one is 100% safe due to the fiber direction. Unbreakable.

You can actually remove the top board (9 screws total) and replace it with a longer one. Than you would have a full starship, as long as you want. Of course this may be in conflict with the German law in principle (slingshots that are "prepared" for wrist braces are illegal, too), but then again pretty much any slingshot can be mounted to a length of wood. Hard to outlaw wooden boards, right?

I want to use this to shoot faaast. As long as it is still warm outside, I want to see how fast I can shoot a BB.


  1. Do you think it would be able to shoot a bb over one thousand feet per second?


  3. Can you send pdf for this slingshot plz

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