Monday, October 26, 2009

The 500th subscriber!

Just a few days before 200.000 youtube views will be reached, The Slingshot Channel got the subscriber no. 500!

Daniel, the gentleman who was lucky enough to be no. 500, will get a free Jörg Sprave slingshot, handmade and ready for shooting.

Daniel would like to introduce himself with a few words. Here they are:


Hello everyone, my name is Daniel, I'm Joerg's 500th subscriber.
I might be your average guy, might not.

Not a spiritually religious man, but Love is my God and Loyalty is my religion.
I live for my family. Not much else matters to me in this world aside from them.

I have an artistic side of my own; i make knives and walking staves, canes, hiking sticks, etc. and I'm anxiously looking forward to receiving Joerg's shipment of my first slingshot, to help me learn a more sporting, skillful way of hunting.

I recently became interested in slingshots and so decided to look around Youtube to find general information on the subject. This led me to Joerg's channel, and i must say I'm pertty impressed with what I've seen.

Joerg's seem to be the "Desert Eagles" of the slingshot world, very well done; simple, yet still powerful and effective. Well done. I loved the video of the pig-leg damage, very indicative of the power these things have.

Thank you for your consideration, Joerg.

Have A Great Day, Everyone.

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