Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Special: Anti Zombie Slingshot

I have been active on the great zombiehunters.org forum. The crazy folks that populate the forum (myself included) talk about the "what ifs" of an apocalytical Romero (Dawn of The Dead) like scenario.

So I was thinking about how to build an efficient Zombie killing slingshot.

I know that a strong slingshot has enough energy to crack a human skull (remember my coconut experiment?), but that is not good enough.

The slingshot I want to make won't be firing a bullet, it will be a close range termination tool.

Zombies attack you in a fearless way, wanting to bite you as fast as possible. So first, you want to keep their teeth away from your flesh. Then, you need to destroy the brain. This is the only way to kill a "Romero" zombie.

My idea is to make a short fork from steel rods. The fork would be put against the zombie throat, much like a collar. A spike or spear, with a steel point, will be attached in a way that it is about 25 cm above the "collar", right where the forehead of the monster would be. The spear is gliding back and forth in a steel tube, that works like a barrel. The rubber is attached to the spear grip, a T-like handle at the back end of the spear.

All you need to do is to push the fork against the throat of the Z, then draw back the spear and release.

I have ordered a zombie halloween mask and a styrofoam head with throat. Will replace the forehead part with a coconut, to simulate the Z skull.

Should make a very good halloween video! Of course some people will again hate my guts, but who cares.

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  1. die zombie!!!
    be afraid of this slingshot!!! muhahaha