Thursday, November 26, 2009


Just passed the quarter million view mark. Fantastic! Three more months to go before my first video will be online for a full year. Let's see how long it will take to get to 500.000!


  1. Hi, Have you done any experiments with ammo ?
    I have just watched an antiques show,Which had which had cannon balls that split in flight remaning together through the flight by a length of chain attched in the centre of the ball.This would act like a Bola wrapping around the rigging of the boat.They also used a barbell ball that would blast bigger holes in the broadside of the ship.
    Anyway just an idea.When my .44cal mold arrives I'll try making some myself .And hopefully get them on to youtube.But thats awhile away. Evilweeble

  2. Hello Joerg,
    Im ur number one fan and i really want one of your ECS slingshots but i cannot find where to register???

  3. To register, simply click on "Verfolgen". It is fairly easy and I promise this is not a trick to sell a dishwasher to you. :-)

    I have tried lots of different ammo types. Slingshots will shoot everything that is heavy enough, even oddly shaped bullets like long SWC types work great.