Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Win a slingshot !

When you read this, you probably wnat to participate in the drawing. That's right, on Dec. 15, 2009, I will select (on a random basis) 10 of my blog subscribers. It does not matter if you have signed up before (just three people had).

I will give away 10 "Baby Hook" slingshots, ready for action with a complete set of bands.

An I will go to 15 slingshots should we see more than 200 subscribers in the 15th!

Thanks, and I promise to entertain you with new slingshots and slingshot news in the future.

BTW: In order to sign up, you must click on "Verfolgen" in the upper right part of the screen.

If you already have a google account, then it is very easy to do that. Sorry for the German GUI, but I could not make the blogspot software coming up in English.


  1. I can't speak a word of German but I think I did it right. Just click the button, right?

  2. hey there jrrdw... didn't know you liked slingshots too... (from spudfiles, keep an eye on it) funny to be one of the very few subscribed, I 'know if it counts if it's through google reader though...

  3. hello i wuld love to win the sling shot i have subscribed on youtube aswell,it will give me very good entertainment as i only live on my own goodbye

  4. Hello Jörg, I didn't know that you have already a blog here. But from now on I know it, cause of your Youtube-video. Must be fun to discuss your news here in the future.

    Greetings, Ralf

  5. I think this is an awesome idea that you have here. I have, for the longest time, used many of your videos of slingshots and ballistic gelatin on YouTube.com as examples for classes I instuct on military medicine. Thank you!

  6. hello,Jörg
    It's spudtyrrant. Very interesting blog you have here, keep up the good work, its really a treat seeing your work on spud-files, gives us a break from all of the potato gun craziness that's going on, hope to see more from you. :)

  7. nice but i calculate if we got 200 people we have 7.5% of chance to win a slingshot lol

    good luck all

  8. Jorg, it has taken me far to long to appear on your blog! i could be the only person in the world to have made your slingshot in the how to video but i wasnt even on your blog! im very ashamed of myself ;)

  9. I just find Your blog couple of days ago and I love it.............. Slingshot Fanatic from Slovakia

  10. Hey there, from the [M]! I love your slingshot designs, hope I can win one and give it a SHOT.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hey man! Your inventions are really cool. Cheers from Sweden!

  13. Hi Jörg,

    very cool Blog


    nice to have you at the TF !!!



  14. Hallo Jörg,

    Mein Name ist John und ich komme aus Connecticut in den Vereinigten Staaten. Ich wollte Ihnen nur zu wissen, dass ich so in Ihrem Slingshots interessiert bin, dass ich sah alle drei Stunden nach Ihrer Videos.

    Ich habe sie sehr genossen. Ich bin gespannt auf meine eigene Slingshots zu bauen.

    Ich hoffe, dass Google in der Lage war, diese korrekt zu übersetzen. :-)


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  16. Slingshots in a shot from this blog.That's too awesome to hear as an update.