Saturday, December 19, 2009

New "W"-Slingshot, 90% wood, made with common tools

The self centering "W" slingshot (original idea by Bill Herriman) is my preferred design right now. And many people love it, too, they want to have one... but as you know, I do not sell my slingshots.

So I have been thinking about a "How to" video. Problem is that for the stainless steel "W", you need welding gear and other rather expensive and unusual tools. People don't have these tools at home, so I had to come up with a wooden "W".

It turned out rather well, no metalworks at all. It is more bulky (10% lighter, though), but it shoots just as good. I am very pleased with the stability - no wonder, 1" wooden rods can take some strain.

Here is the video:

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