Friday, December 11, 2009

Emergency slingshot made from condoms and a broomstick


as an active member of several "survivalists" forums, I am constantly asked for advice about how to make a slingshot with standard supplies. So no fancy Thera Band or Linatex. No power tools. Maybe not even a nice natural fork.

I spent some time thinking about it. The most obvious question is where to find good rubber. Inner tubes and so on are, as we all know, usually not appropriate, and the few types that work are hard to find. Then I found the solution: Condoms. Those are made from natural latex and are of pretty good quality. Of course you need a bunch of them for a good slingshot.

Next, how to make a fork when you have nothing that looks like a fork? Mels page had the answer, the "African" way. Simply cut two 20 cm pieces from a broomstick, carve a wedge from the same wood and fix everything in place with duct tape. It works, and it is very solid and surprisingly comfortable to hold.

The result is a truly ugly, even disgusting slingshot - but one that works really well.

I made a video about it, here!

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