Saturday, January 23, 2010


have been busy in the workshop today.

My newest creation is another compound slingshot, this time using four pulleys, of course all of them equipped with ball bearings.

This compound slingshot is really compact, because the rubber is stored very efficiently on two rollers per band. The slingshot is just 18 cm wide (7") and 15,5 cm (6") high, but it enhances the draw length by 17 cm per side! This means there is almost no more dead play in the action, my entire draw length is used effectively.

It shoots very good. I will do a video tomorrow including some action. Will be fun!

It looks a little bit like a candle holder - but I need to find a better name than that... ideas, anyone?

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  1. Hi Jorg,

    Greetings from Canada,

    I find myself checking your blog all the time for your well crafted and ingenious slingshots. One more reason to get welding gear. I thought that "The Antler" would be a great name for your newest creation: it somewhat resembles the rack of a bull moose. I think it looks really cool.

    Thanks for the blog and vids,