Saturday, January 9, 2010

New slingshot: "The Snaffle"


some time ago, I watched a youtube video made by a little boy, showing off a slingshot he calls "gloveshot".


I thought that the idea has potential, so I made my version of the "Gloveshot" today, as always from stainless steel.

I had to change the kid's original design a bit to allow strong bands.

I have to say that I am really pleased with the result! Absolutely exciting is the the totally relaxed fingers. As you can see in the third pic, you don't even have to close your fist. Smitty, I think you will simply love this design.

Of course, without the hand brace, this would not work at all, the grip would rotate in your hand even when you use very light bands. But this works with really heavy bands, it is true, the forearm muscles are way more powerful when the fist is horizontal.

I think the fork could be a bit lower, will do some high speed video tomorrow to verify.

Other than that, so far I think it is pretty much perfect!

Video will follow on Sunday.

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