Saturday, May 8, 2010

Exotic wood & bronze


after the trip to Alverton, I was eager to make another slingshot today.

I found a store where you can buy - fairly inexpensively - small wood blocks ment for pens. Some of them looked really cool, so I ordered a bunch of them.

Made a slingshot, in my favourite Compass design. But I used rosewood for the forks, amaranth and birds eye maple for the grip parts and birch for the bottom part. Came out great! No stain, no laquer, just polish.

I used bronze as the joints, and of course I put in a metal heart. It came out great!

For the "skeleton", I glued the parts together, but I do not trust glue very much so I secured everything with 3mm steel nails that keep the steel rods firmly in place.

This is a beautiful slingshot! Will finalize the polish job tomorrow and then do a video.

I actually think this may be my prettiest slingshot so far, I like it more than the Phoenix.



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