Monday, May 24, 2010

New design,plus Win a Cougar!

I made a new slingshot, a marriage of laminated exotic wood and stainless steel. I had a few small "pen blanks" left, cool wood that is meant for pen makers. 6 pieces cost 10 Euros.

So I made a block from four of these 20mm x 20mm blocks, from Amaranth, Amarello, Zebrano and Rosewood.

In order to highlight the beauty of the wood, I decided to make a very simple fork, from stainless steel of course.

I think it came out pretty good! Feels wonderful in my hand, maybe because the handle is just like a file grip, a tool I dearly love and use very often.

The new slingshot looks very simple, but it is well thought out. It can shoot a .38" (9,5mm) steel ball at almost 180 mp/h (79 meters per second), with a pull that is so easy even a pre-teen boy could draw it out. Pure efficiency.

Different bands are tested as well, showing that heavier bands only make sense for heavier ammo.

At the end of the video, you can find the details for another drawing - 2 "Cougar" slingshots will go to the lucky winner (drawing will happen on June 1st, 2010). Details in the video!



  1. Very nice Jörg! One more Masterpiece!
    I wonder if you allready have tried to make a slingshot with stone...?!

  2. A work of art.....again! I'm in the process of making some catapults out of 8mm bulletproof perspex. What about some wood catapults with a modern design? Modern meets traditional.

  3. Wow just finished watching most of your videos. I am really getting into sligshots =)