Saturday, July 17, 2010

At last: Sling-X-Bow out of wood, with common tools

So many people begged me to do a how-to for the Sling-X-Bow.

Of course people don't have welding gear and lathes, so a tutorial can't require such equipment.

I thought about this for a long time, as there were numerous issues to be solved. But then I finalized my blueprints and got to work.

I used wood and off-the-shelf screws only, plus common household tools.

Making it took six hours, because of the constant filming and also because welding stuff together is a lot quicker than drilling holes and fixing screws...

I used Stu's ratchet idea for the cocking, but made my own ratchet out of a length of wood. It is easy, you just push the frame to the front until it hits the stopper, and then it swings into the notch.

I made the frame, the lock base plate, the lock arms and the trigger plate out of multiplex (most of it I found in the trash of my favorite DIY superstore).

This is real solid, shooting hunter bands is not a problem, lots of reserve.

The video will follow tomorrow, here are some pics for now!


  1. can you post some pics of ur bule prints ? pleez :(