Sunday, July 4, 2010

Video no. 100: Bullpup-Sling-X-Bow!

Have worked some more on the Sling-X-Bow concept. It worked well, but the original one was very loooong, not exactly compact. So I designed a bullpup version!

The shoulder rest is now very close to the pouch release, and the hand grip/trigger is canted so it does not colide with the sliding fork. Also, I simplified the release, no more rollers and only one moving arm. This works great!

I used a simple iron sighting system for now, which really is good enough for shooting distances up to 20 meters. The BOM (bill of materials) is about 10 Euros (13 dollars) for this thing.

Here is the video:


  1. Hi Jorg,

    Can you post or email me the material list and instructions to make this?

    Thank you


  2. Wery wery nice !!! Jorg u are my hero :D today i finish your nice patent its very god i wait for your next ovn machine and i duplicate that :] PS : sry for my bad english.