Saturday, August 21, 2010

The "Novitzkenegger" Slingshot Challenge

The "Butterfly" shooting style brings the power of slingshots into new dimensions.

With a "wingspan" of about 1,60 meters, Jörg Sprave can break the 60 ft/lbs (80 Joule) projectile energy that the US military considers as lethal for humans.

So what would happen if a guy with the arm span of Dirk Novitzki (2,30 meters) and the power of Arnold Schwarzenegger (in his days) could achieve with a forward extended slingshot, giving him a 3 meter draw?

To find that out, a new slingshot crossbow has been designed, with a total draw length of said 3 meters. A trigger based locking mechanism allows a normal person to cock and shoot like Novitzkenegger!

The results are quite impressive. 75 m/s with a 36 gramm, 19 mm lead ball (576 gr, .75"). 102 Joules, over 80 ft/lbs!

Here is the video (the last one from the old house, my wife packs the boxes right now):

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