Monday, August 30, 2010

Impact of 16 mm lead onto coconuts and supermarket duck

Here is the first video from the new garden!

I tested the impact of 16 mm lead (made with the Bellsofhythe 12 shot mould) against the ubiquitous coconut and then on to a supermarket duck, still in the plastic coat.

The ammo went through the duck, even lengthwise, breaking bones and shattering through tissue. The duck had all of the innards still inside, in another plastic bag, which got penetrated as well.

I used my strongest handheld frame (the "W) in butterfly (albatross) style, and also the Novitzkenegger 3 meter sling-crossbow.

Sorry for the wind, we are having a very cold and windy August, feels like the fall is here already.

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