Sunday, February 6, 2011

Handheld Slingshot Ballista

As announced, I made a handheld inswinger "ballista" slingshot, to find out if it brings additional power.

I made a really wide fork and attached little "plattforms" to the fork ends. Then I added a lever on each side, which can swing inside of the fork. I also installed a stopper that I covered with some black tube, so that the returining lever will be cushioned some.

I attached short pieces of Thera Gold to the shorter end of the lever, and a normal hunter band set to the longer tip ends. I used 8 mm aluminum tube as "axis" for low friction.

It works, and actually I get about 20% more speed than from a conventional frame!

Here is the video:

It's fun.



  1. How about combining this design with "The Eagle" for even more potent power potential!