Friday, February 11, 2011

Poor man's scope

PMS = Poor Man's Scope!

I did it, just made a frame with an adjustable length of aluminum tube as a sight. The tube is adjustable in 2 ways, vertical and horizontal. It does not even make the frame much more bulky, and the contraption can be disassembled quickly.

Aiming works real well, you can easily center down the length of the tube. In theory, this should deliver reproducable shots as long as you use a fixed anchor point (e.g. the corner of your mouth.

It is too dark to shoot, will do that tomorrow! Can't wait.


  1. The first time I saw this post, I read the last sentence wrong. I thought you were going to make a modification to it that would let you use it in the dark. Like, maybe a little LED light on the other fork? I guess it would still be hard to make a video though!

  2. Just a thought, won't removing the long tube still leave a site - the circle holding the tube... =)