Saturday, September 24, 2011

Latex Inner Tubes - Results

OK, the thicker type arrived, too.

I tested it, and it does work much better than the black Butyl stuff - but not anywhere near as good as TB Gold (or Black or Blue).

It is very stretchy, more so than TB, but it ain't as fast. This butterfly bandset accelerates the 15 mm steel ball to about 50 m/s, same as the office rubber.

Is it expensive? Not really, Costs 10 Euro, and is enough for six or seven bandsets.


  1. Good info to have learned and passed on to us. Thank you. I have always liked the power and speed of my Theraband Gold and thought it would be hard to beat.

  2. Would be nice to know how many shots will it last. I think it will last long and would be great to keep spare set in the drawer.

  3. thats too bad it didn't work out as well as you'd thought.

  4. So, as a conclusion one could say: You can use these inner tubes, if you happen to have some. But otherwise buy some thera-band for a similar price and you'll have better performance.
    Did I get this right?