Friday, September 23, 2011

What's your guess...

I am working on another "natural" version from one of my designs. I finished the raw cutting job this morning, lots of work ahead still - but you can see the slingshot emerging.

So what do you think:

a) What is this slingshot made from? Hint: It once was a natural fork, and NOT catwood...
b) What is the name of the design? Hint: NOT the palm cannon.



  1. Im Going with A) Dogwood and B) Hand Howitzer! I really hope I'm right :)

  2. dogwood and hand howitzer.. i said it on the forum too cause its one of my favorite designs of yours, and your dogwood hint was easy lol

  3. a)dogwood
    b)hand howitzer
    i hope i am right.the wood really looks like dogwood so i guess it is, the slingshot will look amazing!(when it is finished)

  4. Hi Joerg,

    I came across your YouTube channel when searching for information about slingshots.

    Without realizing it, I spent over 2 hours watching your videos and trying to figure out which slingshot type would be the best for me to buy.

    Now, based on what you've shown in your videos, it looks like your designs are the best, as you have an obvious passion for slingshots and impressive design/engineering abilities.

    I always wanted to have a slingshot when I was a young boy, but never got one (either no money or parents said it was too dangerous for me). Now that I'm an adult, I guess I want to make up for that!

    Thanks for your great enthusiasm and true passion for what you do.


    PS. I think the answers are:

    a)Dogwood - your hint was friendly :)
    b)Hand Howitzer

  5. A) Dogwood and B) Hand Howitzer?
    Not an original guess but maybe right.
    Did you use a band saw to cut out the shape?

  6. well, b) 8 circle...
    btw im curious if the downward prongs will last. Personally i think they will snap soon.

  7. a)common dogwood
    Hope I am right :)

  8. A: I think its dogwood
    B: The Panther (as you can see in the tubing post)

  9. a) looks like dogwood
    b) the hand howitser
    A question for you:
    wat's the difference between shooting butterfly and shooting ordinary?:)
    ps. Nice slingshot!

  10. Its made from dogwood, and designed after the panther. It would be nice to see some templates for wood slingshots.

  11. a) Palmwood b) catcannon?

    I am just one fan from Finland :)

  12. I say, A)Dogwood and B)panther ( wich btw is the slingshot I would choose if I win lol) Take care keep it up Jorg

  13. That's a very nice dogwood hand howitzer, is the slingshot weekly drawing back on now that the 150 posts is over?

  14. "Tell me Padre, when i was kickin you @$$ back there did you get wood, come on, a little teak, a little mahogany." Name the movie ill give you a cookie. That is the coolest natural iv ever seen.Im not sure what the wood is but Id say that is a hand howitzer.

  15. Is it maybe dogwood? And the design is a variation of the panther or hand howitzer, not sure, but those are my guesses.....

  16. a) No Idea
    b) I would call it "The ELK" (or deer)

  17. Think
    1. ash(tree) in german Esche
    2. Hand Howitzer