Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stainless Steel.

My wife hates it when I make a steel slingshot...

It is loud. It stinks. It is dirty.

Today, she was at the University, and I HAD to make a steel frame... it's been a long time.

Steel is so much more demanding. It takes a long time to "carve" the shape out of it, and the parts get very hot, too. But in the end, you get rewards galore. Unbreakable. Shiny. Hefty. Unique.

I made this one from a 12 mm and a 30 mm stainless steel rod, drilled the handle out for the fork and welded everything shut. The angle grinder got a lot to do.

I did not polish this to a high shine, just 80 grit - looks "business", and is not slippery at all.

It has the low forks of the Howitzer, deadly effective.


  1. For some reason, I think of the "Fat Boy" of atomic bombs in WW2. I like the matte finish as I think it will be better gripped in sweaty hands. Well done Joerg. I may try your low fork design in my next sling-shot but out of the simplest, multiplex wood. My newest sling-shot is just a week old as my pissed off dog chewed up my last one.

  2. Almost like an RPG. It looks all business, Great work!

  3. looks really solid, must be very accurate, and must have some good weight to it. great job sir!

  4. What material do you prefer over all?Is steal your favorite?I prefer carbon fiber slingshots.All though this sling shot is AWESOME!

  5. Like Tosh Togo said, this reminds me of a bomb aswell.

  6. Say it with stainless. That's what I always say.

    Best to All

  7. It has a certain stark beauty.

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