Monday, June 18, 2012

Bady armor: Does it work?

Body armor may be a serious issue in a post apocalyptic world. You may want to wear it every day, and you may encounter aggressors that wear it, too.

There is very little public research about how well affordable (surplus) body armor really works. So I spent 50 Euros for a used ex-German police vest. It matches the IIIA protection class (protects against handguns, but not rifles, and protects against knife stabbing too).

Then I put it around a tree trunk and tested several practical weapons against it. Slingshots, a katana, my famous Zombie hammer, even a compound bow (converted into a homemade crossbow). I was very surprised -none of these weapons could pierce the fairly light vest (2kg). The only thing that did work was my throwing knife shooter.

Of course newer vests may work a lot better (this one is based on Kevlar inlays), but let's be realistic: Who can afford 500 dollar gear as an item of SHTF prepardness. These surplus products are affordable, and in plentiful supply. I can recommend them, clearly.


  1. Very suprised that the arrow didnt go in.

    And yes you did prove that the slingshotrifle with the knives should be banned ;)

    One little comment those 500 dollar vests are good but omg you get really hot in them.
    You really dont want to wear them all day.
    But better hot then dead i gues :)

    All the best.

  2. hey this was a good vid ( again,) are you going to do a comment and winning i really like them but i always to late :(

    keep going with make those vids.

  3. Why not voting for the Zodiac slingshots on my forum? You can win a slingshot every month.

  4. Great Video.. you have to remember that those vests are designed to stop relatively high-velocity, Blunt trauma. Anything that has a relatively Sharp point will slip between the fibers of the vest, which is why the standard vests aren't rated for "Stab" protection. All that said, while your Throwing knife did Pierce the vest, it was just a small amount, the Kevlar weave slowed it down. Good Test and a Very entertaining Channel, keep up the Good Work. Oh and Muziert, yes they can be hot, especially during the summer, and they are also uncomfortable, but they do their job While I didnt always actually Wear it during my 25 years as a Police officer, the times i did not, I had one in an external carrier in the Car with me.

  5. I love these tests and studies the impact. It's very fun to watch, but I believe it is very difficult, especially in time. Thanks for another great video!