Friday, June 22, 2012

Zombie Hammer - Upgrades!

The hammer was in need of repair after the test against the tactical vest.

Since the throwing knives went through the vest with ease, I decided to try one as a spike on the hammer.

I changed the threaded bolt from 10mm to 12mm, and bought some tubular threaded stainless steel nuts (50mm length). Then I welded both a stainless steel spike and one of the knife blades to the nuts.

Now I can quickly interchange them, preparing it for the job at hand (human aggressor or undead monster).

I also made the spike far more pointy for better penetration.


  1. Well done! Anyone seeing you with it will flee immediately so you will probably never have a chance to truly test it.
    But it will work wonderfully.

  2. Hey Jeorg, ive been following your videos closely for a while now and im unsure as to how to get in contact with you. There are a few questions id like to ask from materials to use to the most efficient slingshot sizewise to the best apocalypse slingshot to keeep handy in the cupboard. It would be great to get in touch, im not sure if this sight allows Private messaging and such but it would be great to hear back from you. ( I agree completely Robere, i would run if i saw a buff german bloke with a crossbow that fires knifes, i would run as fast as i could in a zigzagging motion and hope to any higher power that there might be to spare me from that fate! )

    1. Razza, just use the forum! It also has a PM function. Use as a gateway.

  3. Very nice! A lot cleaner looking. This is a mean looking and very (As we have seen) FUNCTIONAL weapon... Love it!

  4. Nice work,

    do you let us see it in action? I thin a watermelon will be a nice target.


  5. yes i also seen those video and stills are goodTruck Chrome stacks