Sunday, September 16, 2012

Forearm mounted mini hoopack

As I am currently investigating the "David sling" concept, I became a member of A great website and forum with a ton of information about that ancient weapon type.

"Curious Aardvark", the admin of that site, suggested I look into a weapon called a "hoopack". It is basically a staff sling with a forked tip. Advantages are less band entanglement and also a slight spin given to the ammo.

Ineresting concept for sure!

I made a test device yesterday, basically a forearm mounted short hoopack with adjustable "loop launcher" and a manual loop retainer.

The adjustable loop launcher allows you to change the angle. This way you can adjust the launch timing, in order to get just the right throwing distance.

The loop retainer makes sure that the loop does not slip of before you want to. You press down the "trigger" when you start the swing towards the target. The loop releases automatically once the hook is in the right position.

Will see how it shoots! It was already dark when I finished the weapon yesterday.


  1. Is this even legal in Germany?

  2. Sure, why not? It is not a slingshot, after all, so the brace is no problem.

  3. beautiful, i did not even know such a weapon existed, kudos.