Sunday, September 30, 2012

Twice as long!

OK, I am talking about slingshot crossbows... nothing more, nothing less :)

One of my most powerful slingshot crossbows is the winch operated hand cannon. It can handle much stronger rubber than any conventional slingshot. But it has an active draw length of only about 75 cm!

The speed (and energy) of a 25 mm steel ball fired from the weapon is an impressive 45 m/s, about 67 Joules of energy. But I extended the "barrel" to twice the original length, giving the weapon a total acceleration length of 165 cm.

This leads to a speed of 69 m/s, increasing the energy of the 25mm steel ball to about 162 Joules - 2,4 times more!

As a bonus, a new two shot bullpup crossbow is shown. It fires two full size arrows, either at the same time or in consecutive order. Outfitted with a surplus G36 scope, it is really accurate and powerful enough to penetrate a car.

 I decided to present a prototype in this week's bonus.


  1. Hey Joerg, just wanted to say that I *just* saw your message about the forums and decided to come and follow your blog. I agree forums can be terribly personal...I don't blame you one bit for not wanting to put up with that foolishness.

    Anyway, after about 25+ years, I got back into slingshots and bought one for my 12-year old boy. I was able to find my old standard, a Saunders Folding Falcon and bought my boy a Barnett Black Widow. Not nearly as nice as a custom model, but I wanted to start back from a point of experience.

    I have to say that even at about 25 feet or so, I can still hit a 12oz soda can. So, I guess that's about 8 meters or so and a 350ml can, sorry still just can't get into the metric system even though I've been in Japan for close to a decade.

    My boy needs practice but we've still been having a great time. I think I'm going to order a couple of the Cougars for my Bug-Out-Bag...yes, it's a bit of American prepping paranoia, but I'd rather be prepared rather than waiting for someone to save my family and myself. I think being able to use a wider variety of bands would be extremely useful.

    Plus, I just think it wold be great fun to try out a alternate fork design and play with band tension...

    Anyway, keep up the great work!


  2. WOW, that bullpup design that shoots arrows is really accurate and badass-looking; I love the channel and hope you get the show, good luck :D