Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Full auto minigun!

Full auto guns have their very own fascination. Therefore, The Slingshot Channel revisits the Gatling concept - but this time, a far more advanced construction has been employed.

This new design shoots commercial pistol crossbow bolts, with eight "inline" barrels. (Interested fanatics may learn how to make such a barrel here:

The new gatling gun is much smaller, and no longer powered by a hand crank: A Black and Decker power screwdriver turns the barrel drum. True assault rifle feeling!

The surprisingly accurate weapon isn't maxed out in terms of band strength, but the little bolts easily penetrate the original B+D metal box for the power screwdriver.

Two HiSpeed super slomos show the action of the wheelgun in detail.

Also, you can win an original "Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters" backpack - filled with a slingshot surprise! Just leave a comment to this video.

A "The Slingshot Channel" production.


  1. I think you are having too much fun. Actually, I don't think you can have too much fun. How much does the minigun weigh?

    Great work as always

    1. Weighs about 2,5 kg (5.5lb), fully loaded, including the power screwdriver.

  2. Those are excellent groups you got with the mini. Rock on!

  3. In the first full-auto, you had a very nice, tight group with one flyer. The singles appeared to be split into a pair of tight groups.

    Did you notice anything more about your groups, or was this more of just a demo for the camera?

    Kind of interesting since I would not think that something like this would group so well.

  4. Holy Crossbow Batman. You could hurt someone with that. OOww and am wearing bulleye yellow too. Run Batman Run!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is so awesome - I love it! Posted to facebook and forwarded to my friends -

  6. This is one fantastic item and I am going to work trying to duplicate it for myself. I can't wait to try it out once I am done. It is just the right thing to keep trouble at bay.

  7. I like it, my wife love it and wants me to make one or more. Need plans and a material list. Thank you. Gregory grgrytp@yahoo.com

  8. My dad was amazing with a slingshot, and he loved to make things, too. I know he would've loved to make and use something like this "full auto minigun." Too bad he's no longer with us to do so. I'd love to win your prize on his behalf, but prefer not to leave any personal information here. If you choose me, though, I sure hope there's a way you can respond to this post and let me know how to get in touch with YOU.

  9. Yes I would like to know you very well if the EMP goes off, I suspect there won't be much trouble in your neighborhood! Danke for the great video!

  10. Totally amazing! That Full Auto Slingshot Minigun is a wonder and a beautiful sight to behold.

  11. I really liked this project! It reminded me of the old western movies, with villains and their gatlings guns spitting lead!

    It would be interesting to decrease the speed of rotation of the drill, a gear system solves that. And to allow single shot, maybe a ratchet system or something like a pace motor, the same as used in windshield wipers. To allow more shots, imagine something like a tape of arrows, rolled into a barrel, like a spiral, with the arrows interspersed one with the other. When pressing the trigger, the tube slowly spin and is moved forward, allowing the "hammer" to run the entire barrel and trigger all the arrows. The length of the rubber must be much smaller, making the shot lose power, but it would be possible twice as many shots.

    What about reloading, any ideas? Man, this project has many possibilities! I believe it it is worth to continue working on it.

    Sorry text errors, English is not my native language, not even the second!

  12. I've made a bow. I've made a crossbow. Now I'm gonna make a slingshot something or other! They are all awesome! I watched at work with the guys then watched again at home with my two girls. Keep 'em coming. :)

  13. Dammm where do you get the time from, I have bene working on this type of minigun for 2 year now, and here you have made it beder that my desigen. great JOB I love it.

  14. That is a very impressive design. How hard would it be to make the reload tool accommodate all of the barrels at once?

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  16. Your designs never fail to amaze me! And the amount of obvious pleasure you derive from making AND using the weapons comes across very clearly in your videos. Thanks for sharing this one with us, I am going to try to duplicate something along these lines soon - it might take me more than a weekend to do!

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  18. Sir,
    I found you via the link the the condom applicator today. Very funny, and creative stuff. I forwarded to all my gun lover friends here in Texas and also around the country. Everyone else loved it too. That was very creative on your part. It was obvious that you could not keep a straight face whil developing, or demonstrating that highly useful device. And, we can see how you obviously need Bill Gates $100 grand to improve on the design.

    Anyway, I got hooked on you and watched about 50 more of your very serious, funny, and educational videos today. My wife would say that I pretty much wasted the entire day. But then she would not understand us, Bro.

    Ok. Keep up the great work. If you ever get a chance to come to Texas, you are more than welcome to use my shop for a while to do whatever you need to do. We are both German and there is a German town right next door to us with lots of cold beer and good food. google Muenster Texas to check out.

    thanks for your inspiration, Man.
    You can check me out at www.NorthTexasProperties.com and TheLazyHeartGrill.com

    Again, Thanks for your inspiration.

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