Sunday, February 24, 2013

Survival Sling-X-Bow

I have been thinking about how to make a slingshot crossbow shorter, and also easier to cock.

I saw a video about a folding speargun by a Spanish speaking inventor a while ago. While it was impractical to use his mechanics, I took his break-barrel idea and changed it for a ball shooter.

The result is a powerful, short, easy to cock and accurate new weapon.


Unfolded and cocked:

The bands are attached to both a leather pouch and a length of paracord. The paracord is held back by the sear/trigger part.

The entire trigger/lock module is able to swing up and down, in order to follow the bands while the weapon is cocked/unfolded. This prevents chafing on the paracord and makes the drawing much more smooth.

The lock for the folding pivot is very simple. It is held under tension with rubber (what else), but the rubber is not needed for holding back the force. Sear and pivot are in line, rock solid.

The weapon only weighs about 600 gramms (1,3 lb), and is about 65 cm long (folded). I may add a red dot and a folding shoulder rest later on.

Here is the video:


  1. you amaze me every time, my friend... you're such a great handyman...

    i'd like to see a newer trash weaponization post... a variation of the theme...

    best regards

  2. When I read the description, I thought it worked like the cocking mechanism on the Barnett Commando crossbow but I see yours works the opposite way to the Commando.

  3. By any chance do you sell your creations? Or worst case, give out directions on how to make it?

  4. Hello Jörg, in case I'm right for the chance to win here: I'd be super pleased if I could shoot one of your slingshots together with my son.

    We're regularly watching your clips and I also tried to build a slingshot for him last summer, but of course, I didn't come nowhere close. He'd also wear the backpack to school I guess …

    So I hope I'll be lucky and Tim and I will have a great time getting his Mom upset – greetings from Switzerland!

    Hans Georg

  5. That was wonderful weapon! And that destruction sound, in what you exactly hitted? That mechanism is amazing. You really put everything in order. When I can see your inventions in

    a fan from Finland

  6. FanFreakingTastic! My dad showed me your vidoes and I'm excited about your survival sling shot. It's a very ingenius design. Plywood was invented in Arkansas, and I live in Arkansas. We are all about survival knowledge. Good stuff you have here! I was wanting to know if I could purchase one of those from you for my hiking bag or plans. Thank you.

  7. Great survival weapon for the dooms day scenario. Thake care. B.J.

  8. I find your projects inspiring to say the least. I honestly don't know how you come up with these ideas but, I LOVE THEM. BAHAHAHAHA. Keep the videos coming. My son and I are going to attempt to build something of our own. GOD BLESS.


  9. I find this product one of the most fascinating of all You have done. So if you have time... publish the f*******n blueprints already!!!
    (All I said, was said as act admire and friendliness.)

    Another weapon freak from Finland.

  10. FREAK! I like you!

  11. This is awesome. Can you publish the blueprints please? Thanks and congrats for this incredible work.

  12. can u please upload your blue prints fast

  13. That is the best yet. Absolutely stunning.

    I'm currently building one (inspired by you) on a round dowel, using a premade metal bracket (available at home improvement warehouses) and using a 3/8" screw eye as the slide. But when that is done, I'm gonna build the folding one.

  14. yes please plans my son and I would love to build this together.


  16. I have been thinking about how to make a slingshot crossbow shorter, and also easier to cock. I saw a video about a folding speargun by a ...

  17. That sling bow is wicked. Nice work. I would love to make one of those. I actually just bought this Spectre survival bow and it is super nice, but your sling bow would be a nice addition to my SHTF kit for sure.