Friday, September 6, 2013

From the firewood pile

I bought an older Sharps replica on an auction a while ago, in very bad condition. I plan to use it in my Zombie film, and turn it into a non shooting movie prop. There was a big crack in the stock, so it will be sawed off Sharps!

The rear end of the stock was junk and actually on the firewood pile. But then, just as I was ready to feed it into the fireplace, I had second thoughts. The grain seemed great for a boardcut.

I sawed a slingshot out of it.

Then I glued on a piece of orange osage, a leftover.

After the filework was done, I had a nice piece. Tested it in the vise, no issues, it is very strong.

I oiled it with linseed, which tinted the wood into the original dark brown it had when it was a stock.

Then I decided to do a poly job on it. In most cases I simply put the poly on carefully, sand the little dust particles off with 1200 grit, and polish it. That makes a nice shine, but it also is a bit uneven. This time, I wanted perfection.

So I sanded the whole polycoat over until it was absolutely even. Then I used 1200 grit and finally car chrome polish. Now the piece is probably my nicest poly job ever. It looks like on of these Japanese laquiring bowls - those are made pretty much the same way.

A very nice piece, and a good shooter too!


  1. Wow, nice and smooth poly-coating job you have done...The recycled nature of the wood really makes it a great piece! Well done, you really are a cool dude!

  2. Ok i came across this by chance, I think I have now watched most of the youtube slots, just to let you know your inventions are master pieces, now all I need to do is learn how to work with wood to try some inventing of my own, well done very entertaining, and this piece yet another work of Art

  3. Great work Joerg,

    What would you recommend for hunting grouse and small mammals? Im in a competition with some coworkers to see who can bag the most grouse this season using a slingshot. I had a few opportunitys today but they all flew away, I need more power. I love your styles and designs and it would impress the guys at work and show them that im in it to win our first annual slingshot hunt.

    Thanks Joerg,


  4. Joerg,

    A new fan here. I love your videos and I recommend them to all of my friends. I'm in love with this piece of yours here. It definitely would be my rubber weapon of choice against a zombie apocalypse. If our paths cross during that time you will have to give me some slingshot tips. I need practice to become zombie ready.

    Keep up the good work my new friend,


  5. it's made not from plywood or y-piece of wood. it can break during the shooting?

  6. Hi Joerg,

    wounderful piece of art !
    I'd like to try to make something similar, do you have a dowloadable stencil ?

    Thank you !

  7. The grain seemed great for a boardcut.

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