Saturday, September 14, 2013

Toilet brushes with accuracy

As you know I LOVE shooting toilet brushes with 9 inch nail tips. 

Shot from a 2 m rifle, with four TBG bands per side, they reach firearms energy levels (>400 Joule) and sledgehammer momentum levels (>10 Ns). 

They are also very accurate. How accurate exactly, I didn't know, my previous shooters had no sights whatsover. 

Now, I wanted to make a sniper rifle chambered for these deadly household items. 

Here is a video that presents the weapon:

Today, I spent some more time sighting the weapon in. 

I tested it on the Zombie head made by the great makeup artist Nicolay Mayer.

He made the head for the Zombie Wars movie trailer, and gave it to me as a present after the filming was done. 

Here's three hits from 20 meters... the third shot, I aimed lower as the places higher up had been "taken" already.

There is a strange aesthetics in three toilet brushes poking out of a Zombie head... looks almost floral. Aaah, the sweet flowers of Making dead things Deader :)





  1. Depictions of zombies gross me out but this one is over the top!
    i made slingshots in my youth but am now getting interested in the new breed. Amazed!

  2. The loading of weapon is so slow. Have you idea for extremaly accurate and speed reloading weapon?

    How long can the rubber waiting before the shot? It's stretch resistant?

  3. Well, the loading is way quicker than for a modern Barnett or Horton crossbow, where you need a rope and pulley system to cock back the weapon. Yet it outperforms even the strongest commercial crossbow in terms of energy (3x) and momentum (5x).

    Muscle operated weapons always require cumbersome loading procedures if you aim for lots of power.

  4. Awesome result O.O

    What about the rubber? Long time before shooting can destroy it?

    You have great blog Joerg :) it's very interesting and You have lot of amazing ideas.

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