Friday, June 4, 2010

"3 Pillars Of Destruction" - The Strongest Slingshot

Have made a How-To video again, this time with only one thing in the focus:


So I had to make a metal slingshot, but without welding - therefore, heavy bolts and nuts have been used. It had to be the "W" design as this is simply the most efficient frame I ever encountered (thanks to Bill Herriman again, who pointed this out to me some time ago).

I followed Dan's "core" idea and removed the fancy things a power slingshot does not need - no rotating handle, no hinges, straight forward.

The slingshot came out great!

I glued the grip and fork tubes over the threaded bolts, which holds 110%.

In the time the glue needed to harden, I quickly made a "Mini W". You actually hold it with two fingers against the fork and with the middle finger around the grip. Not bad! Could even make it smaller.

The picture with both slingshots also shows the ammo I used in the video (which will come up later), 18 mm hex nuts (41 gramms), bonecrushers (70 gramms) , and 30 mm steel balls (120 gramms). In comparison, I added a 3/8th (9.5 mm) steel ball...

I am shooting it with two strips of Thera Black per side, 14cm x 6cm x 20cm.

And here is the video:

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