Friday, June 4, 2010

Cocobolo spike

Guess what... made one more today!

I think I forgot how it is to spend a lazy free day...

But I got this piece of Cocobolo and I just had to make a frame from it.

It is a variation of my "Double T" model, but this time, the over-the-top crossbars are Cocobolo, too. Of course there is the usual "heart of steel" - that is why I cut the Cocobolo rods in the middle, hollowed them out, then filled them with epoxy and laminated them to the frame. This will last forever.

The grip is absolutely gorgeous, it is so smooth that you can see your mirror image in it. The smoothness is just unbelievable. The shape is also really comfortable to hold!

I like it.

1 comment:

  1. Superschön Jörg - bist nicht nur ein wahrer Ingenieur sondern auch ein toller Desinger und Handwerker - einfach toll!!! Ich staune wirklich immer wieder über Deine Kreativität bzgl. einer solch auf den ersten Blick simplen Sache wie einem Katapult. Mach weiter so.

    Kurze Frage; bist Du jetzt ganz weg von den Tubes? Und was hälst Du von den dünnen China Tubes per dreier Pack auf jeder Seite, wie man sie bei den Chinaslingshots bisweilen sieht?

    Beste Grüße Alexander