Sunday, June 20, 2010

Slim Forky: Sunken for 2,000 years

Life is about balance.

After presenting a brutal, ugly, frightening slingshot crossbow today, I needed to make its counterpart.

A humble, basic, pleasing frame.

I chose moor oak for the wooden part, sunken for 2000 years in airless depths. It got resurrected, and then turned into a slingshot!

The wood is very dark, and also very lightweight. I had to strengthen it with stainless steel to give it back the sturdyness it once had. 12 mm!

The wood "skin" has 2 mm walls, that is all.

I left the handle a bit rectangular towards the end (the "butt"). I like it that way! I will shoot it in the index+thumb-on-the-fork style.

The polished steel and the dark wood are very pleasing to my eyes. It is very smooth. Again, the wood is natural, no staining, no coating.

How do you like it?

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