Monday, September 20, 2010

"The Cutlass" - new design with handslap protection


I wanted to do design a frame that works well for the butterfly style.


- Low, wide fork for little wrist strain and fork hit prevention
- Mid-size (not as huge as the Monster)
- A big palm swell (found out I like palm swells)
- Protection against hand slaps (seems those always happen on OTP butterfly shooters).

I figured that the "W" would make the frame too big. So I used a length of flat steel I salvaged from the scrap heap and attached a wooden grip and wooden fork arms, all with solid metal screws. I hammered nuts into the fork arms, and sealed the holes with epoxy putty later.

Then I cut a piece of leather and clamped it between the handle and the screw.

It looks like a cutlass handle now - so I had a name for the design.

This is as basic as it gets, a full blown hammergrip style frame. The last picture shows it rigged up with really thin butterfly bands, superfast for lighter ammo. Without the leather protection, handslaps gallore.

It is a superb shooter, probably no beauty queen but the king of functionality.

Here is the video:


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