Sunday, September 26, 2010

Two shots at last: Over/Under Slingshot Crossbow

I have invested about 8 hours of work to make my first two-shot slingshot crossbow.

I still don't have access to my welding gear, lathe and mill, so I had to do it in wood.

I wanted it to be as strong as my most powerful onces - but per "barrel". So it had to be really sturdy, bulky and a bit bizarre. But it works like a charm.

The trigger mechanism allows me to shoot one barrel after the other or two at the same time. A really, really simple lever serves as thr trigger.

Due to the necessary thickness of the rubber involved, I had to make the fork really high. But that is not so bad as this weapon has to be cocked like a crossbow, with your foot stomping down on the rear stock and both hands pulling up the fork. Also the "barrel" had to be aluminum, thin wood is not strong enough for this DOUBLE HUNTER BAND shooting device.

The concept works, and once done in steel, it won't be bulky at all.

Here is the video:

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