Monday, July 11, 2011

Done it! 200 lbs draw.

I think I found the limit of a slingshot crossbow that can be cocked without mechanical aids like winches.

I put the beastly 20mm speargun rubber on the medieval style crossbow. 200 lbs draw weight! It takes all of my considerable strength to load this weapon. It is insanely powerful.

Bought the rubber here, just as a reference:

I shot a 22 mm lead ball against a rock, it flattened it very much. The new diameter was 26 mm!

The pic shows the 20mm speargun rubber, the 16mm type, Thera Tube Silver and Thera Tube Black in comparison.

Oh, and as a bonus, I show four of my latest conventional frames too.


  1. O.O OMG! 200 lbs draw! You are a Wizard, Mister! A Mad Wizard, yet a Wizard! hehe

  2. that's insane. my noodle arms would never recover

  3. This is the best weapon i've seen of yours in a while. Can you show more videos of the accuracy and destructive power of the 200 lb crossbow? Thanks!

  4. hehehe.. love the fact that on your videos, your cats are not even fazed by the whack of the ball hitting the target any longer