Sunday, July 3, 2011

Six circles

I have been making this style a lot lately, it simply works great and looks good, too.

I realized the beauty lies in the simple radius combination. So I limited the design down to those.

All I needed to create this wonderfully symmetrical design is six circles. Of course this should be sawed out of multiplex or other high quality plywood, 15 to 22 mm, and then some scales (palm swell) should be added, from any kind of material.

Fork height is adjustable to one's needs.

Here you see both the blueprints with the radius's.

I love this style as it is elegant and REALLY comfortable. You have to add scales, though, to give some depth to the handle.

I decided to attach antler scales, simply because I like the contrast between the very geometrical shape and the irregularities of the antler.

I lightly sanded the surface of the antler to break the sharper spots, and polycoated the entire frame. Came out great!


  1. Congratulations on another beautiful slingshot!

  2. That is amazing! I love the simplicity of the design. I can't wait to make one very similar to this.

  3. Nice slingshots, you are the most badass man in the world, even more badass than FPSRussia
    Gruß von Mexiko

  4. Nice! have you ever thought of making projectiles out of antler, or is it too light?