Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am on (cable) TV!

I always wanted to say these Dire-Straits-Money-For-Nothing words... now the time has come.

My videos have been mentioned on TV before, but the slingshots have been in the focus.

G4 brought out a piece about me... in the "Who is who on youtube" special!

I love it, very fast editing and nothing but the truth. Except the Berlin part, I was born in Dortmund, 500 km west of Berlin.

See it on the G4 website!


  1. Jorge, i have been subscribed to your channel since September of 2009 over the past few years i eagerly wait for every weekend to see what new and amazing slingshot you have created.
    -Phil (CHIPxJHAD)

  2. G4 is awesome and Jorg Sprave is awesome. What a great match!

  3. We want a TV Series featuring the dashing Slingshot Man! You could protect the world from criminals, aliens, even demons and beyond-the-grave foes! heheh