Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kabuto: The video


  1. I loved it. You based that one off the Kabuto design, but i would bet you can improve the idea if you started from scratch with your own engineering. Great job!

    Mia san Mia
    Bayern Munich

  2. Just stumbled apon your blog and youtube channel while researching new elastic for my old barnett slingshot and was suprised by the new designs and technology ( i hadn't used my slingshot in some 15+ years ! ) and now i'm soooo tempted to get that Dankung Panther Slingshot :O beautiful design !

    keep up the good work :D

  3. You should make a how-to video about your green bottle opener stickshot design.

  4. It's perfect!!! I realy want to make a slingshot like your, if you can send me the draws, type of wood, bands, leather, I would be grateful.

  5. Holy smokes! This is the perfect über-slingshot!

    One thing I'm wondering... what about doing a full-circle design, with 6 and not 5 bands? Would it lose stability due to extra tension?

    Seems to me that'd be both ultra-powerful and very accurate, since the tension would be the same all-around the "ring" structure.