Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Usopp's Kabuto Slingshot

Usopp (aka Sogeking) is one of the main characters in the popular Manga/Anime series "One Piece".

He fights with a slingshot as his main weapon! The large one is called "Kabuto", and it has five strings of rubber.

Many kids asked me to build such a weapon, and I have hesitated for a long time. But recently I learned that "One Piece" is immensely successful, 250 million comic books have been sold, and it is the most successful Manga ever.

The Slingshot Channel can no longer ignore such a famous rubber based weapon, and therefore I have made a "Kabuto". I will present it next week in another episode.

I will use TB Gold instead of the tubular rubber, and optimize the design a bit. But it will still be much alike the weapon in the image!


  1. Joerg, I trust that you will be wearing the helmet and cape in you next video!

  2. i must say that i have never seen the manga, but the weapon looks really interesting...i think with this long handle/stick you have an very huge leverage effect to reduce the draw of the wrist...
    I think the technic is a little bit like your rooftop slingshot...

    i am really looking forward to see it...

  3. That is really cool!!

    It'l be so awesome