Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The "Polar Hunter"

Made a cold weather resistant slingshot.

It has a leather bag in the front that contains two Zippo handwarmers, and has enough room for the bands. This means the bands will stay warm for about 12 hours! They get to about 40 degrees celsius, very nice.

It has a modified lead launcher handle and "gipsy tab" attachements. This allows the storage of the entire rubber into the bags.

Shoots nice too! I should probably paint it white, though.


  1. You may be onto something here joerg! I live in a very cold weather climate, and I like the leather thong attachments. The pouch may need some refining, but it has potential.

  2. That would also prevent handslaps! Nice!

  3. This would work very well in a cold weather situation. Especially if my opponents were using only unmodified sling-shots. Even in hunting, I would say this sling-shot could be relied on to bring in meat for the pot consistently. Very good and practical idea.

  4. Wow, the band-heating slingshot idea just went from proof-of-concept to super practical! Good idea with the hand warmers! I just saw those on the zippo website. :)

  5. Hi Jorg,how do you rate the Zippo handwarmer,been meaning to get one but will probably wait till autumn now.they work on the catalytic system don't they ? On a side issue I've heard in future household heating may use this principle as it's more economical.cheers mate