Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First slingshot for the law professor

Recently, I received an email from a professor who teaches at a US law school. Turns out he grew up in Brazil, and loved his slingshot! Now, at pretty much the same age I was in when I got back into the sport, he feels the same urge...

He asked me about the recommended shooting style (hammer grip vs. finger support), and I said it comes down to personal taste (mine strongly runs towards the hammer grip).

So I offered to make two slingshots for him, as a gift!

So I was left with the task to design a slingshot for a law professor, who is a beginner (again). I settled on a variation of the lead launcher, as the slightly higher fork works good for beginners and experienced shooters alike. But I wanted more "3D" for the handle, and also a "butt" that swings out like my hammers.

For the details, I decided that I want to have as many analogs to a good law as possible.

A good law needs a solid base, so I chose a Multiplex core.

US courts often use oak panelling, so I chose oak for the handles. But in this case I used moor oak, as the tree it came from probably grew at the time of Hammurabi, when one of the oldest written legal codes were established (in Babylon).

I settled on the paragraph sign for the handles. Sawed them out of the oak and later filled them with light grey putty, for the contrast.

A good law is what I call watertight, so I covered the whole frame with polyurethane varnish.

Later on, I will wrap the fork with rubber, so the occasional fork hit won't damage the finish.

Next, the finger support shooter!


  1. Like your conceptual approach, this way your slingshots become pieces of art .
    And you inspired me to go make something of the pieces of wood and metal that are now stored for nothing, thank you .

  2. Jörg,

    What a beautiful piece this has turned to. I can hardly wait to try it and review it. Interestingly, the § symbol you chose is a great choice as an homage to US law! In the United States, § is the short form symbol for "section," as in 28 U.S.C. § 1332 (famous among US lawyers as the diversity of citizenship provision, which can be found in volume 28 of the United States Code). I promise I will not bore you or your readers with further comments on law when I write the review. Again, thank you for your great kindness.


  3. hi, my name is Wilhelm, I'm from Brazil, I would like to know your email address to talk to people, I really appreciate your work, and I would send you a photo of gatlin gun that I saw on your youtube channel, I and my father did.


    1. Wilhelm, you can find my contact info on my website!

  4. that's a very nice slingshot...

    I wish I was lucky enough to get a custom one from Jörg...

  5. as a fellow craftsman/artist I love the conceptual aspects of this piece. There is something very important about giving finished pieces a "story" whether it is a unique source material, or a analogue like the above.

  6. What a beautiful piece. It is good to see people with a love for what they do.

  7. I love some of your slingshot designs. You should definetly have a gallery of all of them, and I would really love to have some of them ;)

    Great job Joerg!

  8. This is great!! You should submit an idea to

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