Saturday, August 4, 2012

Shooting range: Shipshape!

After the last shooting weekend with the boys from Knittlingen, I had to sort all of the ammo, and also repair my trusty old catchbox. We shot thousands of round against it, and it looked like heck. Twisted, deformed, broken. Fixed everything, it is ready for a lot more action!

While I was typing these words, this scene happened right in front of me... kind of cute, don't you think? Smile


  1. One has to wonder what goes inside their heads. Alas, we have no hedgehogs here. Just snake-killing squirrels and dive-bombing mockingbirds and blue jays. :) Catcher box was looking like it was on it's last legs; looks better now. All the best!

    1. This video shows it when it was brand new...

      (From about 1:19)

      That was April 2010! This thing took a LOT of abuse since then.

  2. Your catchbox looks much better now! good work. But one more action like this and the catchbox is done :) was a lot of fun.