Friday, August 24, 2012

Gemini for a friend

Made a Gemini for a friend from the US today, maybe the start of a new exciting project. His zodiac sign is Gemini, but that is just a coincidence!

In this case noble wood wasn't suitable, form was more important. I used Multiplex. Had to repair it on one spot as there was a huge void in that piece, but it worked fine. Shoots great!

Oiled in in linseed for the color and hardness, then coated it in four layers of polyurethane. This will last a long time for sure.

Banded it up with a single layered untapered target band (long lifetime) and a fairly strong double layered tapered hunting band.

Will send this out on Monday!


  1. That is so good how do u make them ??

  2. I like the recent challenge that you've set up for yourself by restricting your designs to fit into the theme of the zodiac.

    In particular, when I saw this design I thought, "oh, yea, thats nice" but I really appreciate the fact that you took advantage of the double forks in a practical and not just aesthetic way by banding them differently.

    ps. I'm a ceramic artist and I have an idea for a beer stein slingshot that I'm playing around with. When I finish it I'd love to send it your way so you can tell me what you think of it.