Sunday, December 23, 2012

9" Nail shooter!

Here is my latest work... a repeating slingshot crossbow, shooting 9 inch nails.

This is in continuance with my Chu-Ko-Nu based design line. This time, it is bigger than the pencil shooter, but a lot smaller than the chest mounted spear launcher.

The ammo is - nine inch (23 cm) nails. Those are cheap, about 8 Euro-cents a pop (10 Euros for 120 of them). Of course you have to cut of the head, done in about one minute.

The repeating action is done by pressing the butt against the chest and pulling back with both arms, like in a rowing machine. This is needed as you need a lot of draw force to throw the heavy nails - each weighs 76 gramms (1276 gr). The magazine fits ten of them.

With a bit of extra effort, you can very easily enhance the tip by sharpening it. I even hardened the tip of this one.

It works great. I may add more rubber soon, but already this is very effective. Like a Chu-Ko-Nu, but more compact and with a trigger!

Video will follow shortly!


  1. I think a really good idea would be to make a very version of the stink bomb shooter or the cannon to fire molotov cocktails. It sound super destructive! Right up your alley!

  2. Every house should have this!

  3. I want to make one, whats the deal with getting plans and material list?
    Thanks Mark

  4. Hi,

    You are making impressed products, I will appreciate if help me to order the same
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