Thursday, December 27, 2012

Homemade Assegai

I bought 10 cheaply made bayonets from Russia a few years back. The whole set was maybe 100 Euros. OK blades, but the handles are miserable. They probably all fit on an AK 47, but none of the designs is authentic.

Amongst them was this:

(in comparison with my Cold Steel Hold Out II, 4" blade).

A huge bayonet, the sharpened part of the blade is 36 cm (about 14"). The handle is short and edgy, making this a very unbalanced weapon. So I decided to exhange the handle against a nice 30 mm beech rod! This way I can fire it from my witch beheader bazooka.

I cut off the pommel and removed the scales. Then I cut a slot into the beech rod and fitted the blade in. Secured it with wood screws through the original holes, and also wrapped it with poly string (double constrictor knot). Rock solid.

Then I smeared on some epoxy putty and filed it down after it had hardened.
Last step: sanding it and oiling it with linseed!

Now it is a much more dangerous weapon, really a home made assegai short stabbing spear. And it fits nicely into the witch beheader!

BTW, the cat loves linseed oil, too...


  1. Looks awesome joerg.. are you going to make a video of the witch beheader. Thank you for you time with the vids and blog. You really turned me onto the sport of slingshots and rubber powered weapons.

    1. The witch beheader video was filmed by a whole team from Hollywood, now they are doing the editing. I guess it may go online early January.

    2. OK. Thanks. I will be waiting to see that.

  2. By jazztuss .Wow! cool big knife !
    Where do you get the blade?