Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Found this really hilarious parody about me. The guy covered so much...

voice... baldness... safety glasses... shirt... intro... posing... apple... even the cat. My wife and me have been laughing for a long time.


  1. Haha! "It's called "Only the Sprave"".

  2. Sprave once built a slingshot from a cats meow and pocket lint. He used that to defeat Godzilla. Sprave has a top secret slingshot that NASA is trying to use to launch space shuttles. Spraves cats are have special built slingshots for them to use for home defense purposes.

  3. Pretty damned funny video - I had my kids and my wife come in and watch it. They've all seen slingshot channel vids, and my wife was laughing pretty hard.

    Of course it's waaaaay overboard parody, and the guy portrays you in a moronic way that you of course don't come across as in your videos, and I think that misportrayal is why many people are offended by it. I've always considered you a very smart guy, with a bright personality, and not at all the goofy moron in the parody.